House budget eliminates nursing home funding through Medicaid

1% of us think this makes America Better.

Under the proposed budget resolution passed by Republicans in the House of Representatives, nearly a million nursing home residents could immediately lose coverage for nursing home care. Further, all of the standards that govern nursing home care today could disappear.

Republicans are saying that their Budget Resolution does nothing to change Medicare for new beneficiaries until 2022. However, for current Medicare beneficiaries living in nursing homes, the overwhelming majority of whom rely on Medicaid, the impact of the Budget Resolution would be immediate and devastating.

If you have an elderly parent whose nursing home care is being paid through Medicaid, in 30 states — so far — the legal responsibility for those bills would then fall on you.

Since 1965, the Medicaid program has kept nursing homes from requesting or requiring contributions from residents’ families. Adult children have never been legally responsible for their parents’ nursing home care under Medicaid. That provision disappears if Medicaid is repealed.

If this gets through the Senate and becomes law, so many years of positive protection of the elderly disappears. And let’s not even get into the elimination of Food Stamps!

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  1. Very much appreciative House budget eliminates sounds indeed. Just welcome nursing home funding through Medicaid provides opportunity for the people. I totally like this news update. Thanks for highly input of you.

  2. Romney’s unbridled enthusiasm for this budget tells you all you need to know about it. For rich guys who won’t be affected by it in any way, it’s brilliant. To everyone else, it’s a big old middle finger.

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