Supreme Court Prediction from a former Scalia clerk:

“Scalia is a very likely vote against the mandate, and I’d say there is a 65% chance the five conservatives strike it down.”

-Brian Fitzpatrick, a professor at Vanderbilt University Law School

Not looking good for Obamacare. The Court seems to be getting politically active again.

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  1. why doesn’ this surprise me?

  2. Based on the questioning I’d have to agree that the mandate will be thrown out but not the whole law. If they do throw it out I can see an influx of lawsuits from hard-right conservatives and libertarian groups challenging the constitutionality of incomes taxes and Medicare/Social Security withholdings, etc. Throwing it out would open up a can of worms that the conservative judges, based on their narrow understanding of the healthcare system, is unable to conceptualize.

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