Dead. Dead. Dead. Never to be revived…

… or as the guy at Brown’s said, the Subaru needs a new motor… the cost of fixing the car is more than it is worth.

So here I am officially carless and looking for a solution. Elly and I both think, with our new lifestyle and all, I should be looking for a small, relatively cheap pick-up truck. Therefore I am researching small Toyotas, Nissans and others, looking for a basic truck at a low price (therefore 2012 instead of 2013… unless I find a used truck in good condition.

Elly is not in favor of used cars, since the last two died under me (although, in retrospect, I got my money’s worth out of both of them.)

So, the next week or so might find a number of cancelled Doctors’ appts, and maybe some lifts to the radio station and back, but that’s my story.

And I’m stuck with it.


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  1. That’s the problem with Subarus. They’re great cars, but expensive as BLEEP to fix. If it had been a Chevrolet, you could just head out to the nearest junk yard and got an engine with not too many miles on it for $500 or so, but Subaru engines are prized and valued way high, the experimental aircraft people love Subaru engines because they’re in a flat-four configuration and will slide right into most kit plane designs, the VW Microbus guys love Subaru engines because they’re far more reliable (and available!) than the old school VW engines were, and Subaru only sells 65,000 cars a year here in America so the supply is pretty low.

    Unfortunately there are no longer any small efficient pickup trucks sold in America. The smallest truck now sold in America is the Toyota Tacoma, which today is the same size as the Ford F-150 was in the 1980’s. The available pickup trucks are way too expensive. Since you’ll likely need to haul 4×8 sheets of drywall and plywood, I suggest a Dodge minivan. They were explicitly designed to be able to haul that kind of stuff (if you take the back seats out), it was one of the original design criteria that has been carried over since the days of Lee Iacocca, and as long as you get one with the 3.8L engine you have sufficient power to tow a 4×8 trailer for whatever you can’t fit inside the minivan. You won’t get the gas mileage of the Subaru, but it’ll be way better than a pickup truck. The most fuel efficient pickups sold today get around 18mpg highway, 14mpg city in real world use. Eep! Probably *not* what you’re interested in, with gasoline above $4/gallon…

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