Good Morning, America. Time to get back to our roots…

… and to me that starts with dropping In God We Trust and returning to “e pluribus unum” (Out of Many, One) as our official motto (I’ve been thinking about this all night – even in one very bad dream – since posting the last night’s quote from Mark Karlin.)

It was adopted by an Act of Congress in 1782, although not as an official motto but what came to be considered, de facto, the basic statement of the USA. It is on the official Seal of the United States.

“In God We Trust,” in this era of the Religious Right separating itself from any compromise position with the center or the left, is meaningless.  What do we trust in God for? That He would allow one side to corrupt the country in His name? If we don’t get back to unifying the many, we will no longer have control of the basics of daily life.

OK… I’m an atheist, as I’ve pointed out many times on this blog. The religious connection with politics, in general, leaves me both appalled and extremely worried. Even if I had a belief that was in line with the other 80% of Americans, I would be upset about single sects pushing their beliefs on everyone else. This is not American…not the American Way.

Show me a candidate that can finish a speech without acknowledging a blessing from  their own God, and I will show you someone who is more reliant
on what he or she CAN DO by him- or herself, with the united population…the one out of many. That, to me, is worth voting for.

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