Quote to End the Week – We are doing a Bang (Bang) Up Job

This sums up where we seem to be heading:

The Florida “Stand Your Ground”/License to murder law is just lynching with a bullet – along with a get out of jail free card.

At a gun range courting the NRA vote in Louisiana, Rick Santorum took a couple of shots as a supporter shouted “pretend it [the target] is Obama.”

“Shoot to Kill” may soon be replacing “In God We Trust” as the official motto of the United States.

-Mark Karlin, Editor for BUZZFLASH

…and I remember when it was e pluribus unum.


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  1. david turecamo

    it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Gun sales are up again as they were in 92 when Clinton made it clear that gun control would be one of his issues. Gun owners, terrified they wouldn’t be able to grab the newest, snazziest or deadliest models or would face tougher laws to get them bought guns drove sales through the roof. Manufacturers were having a field day until 93/94 when it became clear Clinton couldn’t trump the NRA. Story might end there but the firearms industry is just that: an industry. and like any manufacturer is at the mercy of supply and demand. With sales suddenly off (a lot) manufacturers found themselves with surplus inventory. So what do GE, or GM or Sony do when they can’t move last year’s model and they’ve got to clear space for next year’s. They dump em — discount chains stores – special sales – prices slashed. Works the same way with firearms except in the case of one manufacturer they chose an even quicker route – gun shows. Now we have the added bonus of Dodge City laws.
    The sad reality is that as long as Obama fights the gun lobby more guns will go into circulation spinning around in the hands of citizens’ patrols. Though this certainly isn’t a call for him to stop.

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