The Restaurants folks eat in as an economic indicator…

The New York Times has pointed out that…

…when Americans feel better about their finances, they are more likely to eat at restaurants with full service, including bringing the food to the table, rather than at restaurants with limited service. At the moment, both the restaurant sales and the falling unemployment rate indicate the economy is doing better than the Gross Domestic Product figures would seem to show.

Here are the stats:

So where have you been eating lately? I’ve been going over our cc receipts for the last month or so and discovered that my wife and I fit right in with this recovery crowd… we don’t eat at fast food joints at all and our sit-down restaurant visits have been predominant.

Where have you been eating?

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  1. Fascinating info!

    I think we (meaning my family of four) fit into a niche I’ll call “people with kids who now eat their weight in food, making it financially difficult in ANY economy to eat out as often as we’d like” 🙂

  2. Trends like this are definitely a good insight into the state of our economy and even lifestyle trends. From my own first-hand look at bar business in my town–this seems to be the one thing that isn’t as heavily affected by the recession and may even benefit from it!

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