Flash! Pat Robertson gives approval to Oral Sex in Marriage!

Well… one can be against having health insurance cover birth control, but can approve oral sex in marriage. Isn’t that one of the simplest forms of birth control?

Where are you leading us, Pat?… America’s employers will need to know before deciding whether their female employees should be denied birth control on religious and/or moral grounds.

Did you notice that Pat said “between two people who are married” and not “Between a man and a woman who are married”?

Oh, Pat… are you slowly crawling into the twenty first century?

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  1. When Pat Robertson (700 Club and CBN) announced his endorsement of Rudy Giuliani for President, there was a loud THUD heard through conservative Christianityland. At the CBN prayer heart in Nashville, the thud was adopted by a flood of callers who were, uh effectively, not just asking for prayers.

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