Major Quote of the Day – Do you want to get out of Afghanistan?

 This amazing solution is from Father Tyme on BlondSense:
You want to end this thing? Send every proponent who thought or thinks this American Military/Political/Business crusade justifiable; every Congress person who voted for this travesty along with their entire family; every Right Wingunt; every Pseudo-patriotic NASCAR sucking holier-than-thou Evangelical Right Wingunt Mother’s son and daughter; every Ted NugentVictoria JacksonPatricia HeatonKelsey GrammerMegyn Kelly-Money grubbing Rush Hudson Limbaugh-Bill O’Reilly-Glen Beck cocksucking bird brained “Let’s you and him fight, but not me” advocate; every unemployed Joe the Plumber who salutes the flag but hates anything non white; every media owner, media personality and political hack; every pajama-clad envelope stuffing/bake sale College Republican Chickenhawk; every money-loving bishop, priest, pastor, reverend who intentionally misinterpret and mouth beliefs different from a true Xtian gawd’s will (and any of their following sheep who thinks their religious leaders saints); every Fatherland Security Employee; every CEO, investor and banker’s child…send them all over there right now with the same equipment and unprepared training assholes like Rumsfeld, Powell, Bush etc. and now Obama thought and still think was and is acceptable…send them all over there – to Democratize and Americanize those heathens; to convert those infidels to American Business Dogma; to allow Americans their inalienable ability to suck all the oil they can suck; to make America safe for rapists, thieves and especially for increased business profits. While we’re at it send their aged, infirmed and invalid, handicapped or otherwise physically and/or mentally challenged parents as well.
I’d give it two days! They’ll all be home!
Send this to your Congress folks and Senators… send it to your local papers…pass it on all over the net. Someone has to get this travesty stopped!

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  1. How, pray tell did Bush expand it when it is, and has always been before Obama, Congress who made these decisions, especially the needed decisions to fund any expansion.

    You’re right on two points though – If we sent all the true Americans over to Afghanistan, it’d make America safe for rapists and thieves, and those Americans would be back home quickly, mission accomplished with NO possibility of further threat from the Afghans or Pakis.

    • Goodness, Jonolan… it’s been a long time since you’ve checked in. I’ved missed your negative viewpoint! Welcome back.

      • WordPress has been doing their best to silence me by pre-flagging my comments as spam. That’s largely why I’ve been apparently absent from the blogosphere. They seem to be doing that to a lot of Conservative and Christian commenters or, at least that’s what my own spam queue indicates.

        I’m sure that makes you happy.

      • Being neither Conservative nor a member of ANY religious group, the things that make me happy are intelligent dialogs… not insults.

  2. You do realize that it was a Democrat majority in the House and Senate that authorized the use of force in Afghanistan. It was a Democrat president that has continued to send troops into Afghanistan for the last 3 years. It was a Democrat president that sent in US troops to Libya to support a Theocracy to take over.

    The Lunatic left is the real war mongers in this country. The sheeple are the only ones that ignore the facts and thinks any Democrats want an end to war.

    • And it was a Republican President who expanded the war to outrageous proportions over 8 years of Administration. As I recall, Al Gore was ready to get us out when Bush got into office by the grace of the Supreme Court.

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