Cartoon(s) of the Week – You Can’t Always Get What You Want… Thank Goodness!

Drew Sheneman in the Newark Star-Ledger:

So, if you get elected we’ll drop the big boy on Iran?


Tony Auth in The Philadelphia Inquirer

So, if you get elected we’ll eliminate education?


Tom Toles in The Washington Post:

So, if you get elected we’ll reduce population by increasing the death rate?



So, if you get elected you’ll be able to mandate gas prices?


David Horsey in the L. A. Times:

So, if you get elected you won’t get eaten up by your own deficit policy?


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  1. CJ,

    Tsk tsk. How come you on the left can never truly articulate why you believe what you believe? Or what policies you think will work for this country and how they will work? All you can do is resort to name calling, insults, and ambiguous criticisms.

    You realize you didn’t answer the question, right? There is no empirical evidence that man evolved from apes. Of course, the “theory” is based on historical evidence, not empirical, to begin with. Rationalism rather than empiricism.

    There are scientists who believe man evolved from apes. There are some scientists who believe man and ape evolved from a common ancestor. Others believe ape evolved from man. Still other scientists believe man was created as man, separate from ape altogether. All these competing theories are based on each’s own rationalism. I’m intelligent enough to know I don’t know. How smart are you?

    Thanks for the amusement. 🙂


  2. G, an asinine comment like the one you made about evolution completely cancels out the rest of your reply, which was quite good. Unfortunately, like I said, if you aren’t intelligent enough to understand how evolution works, you shouldn’t even be allowed to vote.

  3. I’ll opine on each cartoon. 🙂

    1st – That is simply a ridiculous notion.
    2nd – The first panel actually is partially true. Second panel, is it referencing natural occurring global warming or man-caused global warming? Either way, research glacial advances. Third, if man evolved from apes, why are their still apes? (Roll my eyes and laughed on the last panel).
    3rd – Obamacare will reduce people’s access to health care in this country. Those countries that have socialized medicine have been trying to move closer to our model because socialized medicine has failed.
    4th – I actually agree with this one. I’d prefer Republicans highlight the fact that we could lessen the cost of gas a little with better energy policies at home and allow us to access our own oil reserves as well as Keystone, but make sure to keep perspectives based in reality. Instead of piling on POTUS, just replay all the video and audio of Dems slandering Bush when gas prices raised under his presidency. Dems blamed Bush, but now suddenly understand there is a global market at play.
    5th – The overextension of jobless benefits is less about direct monetary policy as it amounts to very little money in the grand scheme of things and more about the culture for which we live. Americans are being incentivized to not work. Those incentives have consequences and create more government dependency. As for tax cuts for the wealthy, if you research the last 100 years of tax policy in this country you will find that regardless of the rates imposed, tax revenues consistently equated approximately 18% of GDP. This means that the most desired tax policy is one that will grow the GDP the most. This is generally one of lower tax rates and a simpler tax code.

    Thanks for the forum.

  4. This is hilarious commenting on the funnies. Good job!

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