The Daily Scoop: Better-educated Republicans doubt climate change; believe Obama’s Muslim

I’m really impressed by the concept “smart idiots effect” which turns up later in the article (when Mashed Potato Bulletin switches over to Salon.) I had always thought that educated Republicans were reachable about Climate Change, but now I find it questionable. What do you think?

Mashed Potato Bulletin

I can still remember when I first realized how naïve I was in thinking—hoping—that laying out the “facts” would suffice to change politicized minds, and especially Republicanones. It was a typically wonkish, liberal revelation: One based on statistics and data. Only this time, the data were showing, rather awkwardly, that people ignore data and evidence—and often, knowledge and education only make the problem worse.

Someone had sent me a 2008 Pew report documenting the intense partisan divide in the U.S. over the reality of global warming.. It’s a divide that, maddeningly for scientists, has shown a paradoxical tendency to widen even as the basic facts about global warming have become more firmly established.
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  1. I like the quote “smart idiots effect.” In the true sense of the word, an idiot just means that one has not been taught. All of US are ignorant of something or some things. We can be highly educated and still ignorant. But ignorance speaks of the real issue that plagues WE the People, a “system” a very corrupt, corrupt and corruptible system. It makes no difference what party or person. I believe in our heart of hearts most of US can sense this. I wanted to know what this is, when it happened and what WE the People can do about it. I found these answers and more after many years of research into public records. I wrote a book about it – RESET ‘An UN-alien’s Guide to Resetting Our Republic.’ Call this shameful self-promotion, but I am not ashamed. I would just like people to understand the cause as if the cause is removed, the symptoms will disappear. I invite you to take a look at If for no other reason, WE the People need to start a national dialogue with each other instead of continuing to be divided against each other.

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