I listened to Repub candidates propose that we could be invaded from Iran…

…but, although the USA professes itself menaced by Iran, it rather has Iran encircled by military bases:

Stars = US Bases

(thanks to Juan Cole‘s Informed Comment.)

So what I want to know is which of these Repub candidates has any kind of grasp on mid-east policy? Certainly Iran knows that they can be completely wiped out by us with little or no provocation.


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  1. required reading http://www.mediamonitors.net/johnhenshaw1.html and you are very handsome by the way 😉

  2. and is that a snake, or are you just happy to see me? ;))))

  3. please explain what you are referring to, the snakes lied us into wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and more recently Libya, they are lying about Syria and Iran, do the names Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Eliot Abrahams, Bill Kristol ring a bell, are you familiar with Project for a New American Century? they spelled out their plans long before 9/11, i am not making this up

  4. yes, and US policy in the middle east benefits one country the most, Israel, and Syria is the next domino to fall for Israel to take out Iran, as stated in a Clean Break and Which Path to Persia, and they plan for US sons and daughters to die for their greater Israel

  5. Fear mongering works to win over the more simple-minded (read that as “stupid”) voters and the candidates know that.

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