The extra $40.00…

President Obama in a live speech today defended maintaining the tax deduction to the Middle Class to say that it is $40.00 a paycheck. What difference, the critics say, does $40.00 make?

Thinking about this as I went out for groceries in Martinsburg, I passed by gas stations where the price was now $3.85 a gallon for regular. Only two weeks ago it was 40¢ a gallon less. Given my regular driving record, that adds $40.00 to a biweekly part of my monthly Social Security payment.

In other words, $40.00 is a lot of money when you’re not sitting on a pile coming in from your low-taxed investments.

Since Republicans don’t mind cutting taxes on the wealthy, but don’t want to continue the payroll cuts on the other 90% of us, maybe our answer is not to drive ANYWHERE anymore. Of course, then, a lot of people won’t get to their jobs. Or get their kids to school. Or make doctors’ appointments.

The world changes and we get poorer.

And meanwhile our state, local and federal governments are doing nothing to bring the once regulated price of gas down to where we can afford it again.

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  1. $40 to us means: A week of groceries for my husband and I, a week of gas driving my hour to school, because we can’t live closer because my husband is military and works on base, 1/2 our monthly electric bill, 1/3 of our monthly cable/phone/internet bill needed for school and work purposes, 2 of our 3 monthly credit card payments, 2 months of my dental insurance…you get the point. And we are pay check to pay check, as it is, with no savings. It’s been a hell of a couple of years, so we’re tapped out $80 a month *so* matters.

  2. And with the right there is no lunch at all…

  3. And what will happen at the end of 2012 when the tax cut expires and Social Security and deficit are in worse shape than today? There is no free lunch despite what the left may want you to believe.

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