Daily Archives: February 9, 2012

Conservatives gather to decide who the lead pig will be…

Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty; the pig likes it.                                                   – Anonymous

The annual C-PAC meeting is going on this week and Conservatives from all over the country are gathering in Washington DC to reinforce their political base and listen to the candidates from the primaries and their major supporters argue about who is furthest right. They are also finding the most extreme attacks against President Obama that they can invent and having a delightful time bubbling over with accusations, most of which are obvious lies.

Much of the noise coming out of DC during these meetings come from Santorum, Gingrich and Paul (who is not attending in person… but make no mistake about it, he is represented) and their supporters aimed at pointing out the minimal involvement of Romney in Conservatism. Then there are programs with titles like Why are U.S. taxpayers spending billions to promote abortion and homosexuality worldwide?, Islamic Law in America: How the Obama Justice Department Is Selling Us Out and The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity… you get the idea.

The results that come out of C-PAC will have a fairly strong effect on the Republican nomination for President, even though it represents only about a quarter of registered Republicans. Unfortunately it is the segment of the party that bullies moderates and, if there are any left, liberal Repubs.


You can watch most of what’s going on here on C-Span, MSNBC and (dare I say it?) FOX and hear the garbage that will be coming out in the campaigns. You can watch them tear up each other… but expect most of their focus to be  on affirming the “us and them” politics which separate Republicans from the Obama Administration’s efforts to be bi-partisan. As Sen. Jim DeMint said in his conference opening speech:

“I can guarantee you that coach Tom Coughlin did not tell his Giants to go out on the field and work with those other guys… They weren’t cooperating with Tom Brady

“We don’t have shared goals with the Democrats.”

This gives you a very good picture of what the final Presidential campaign will be like.