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This is the best summary of the Right’s tendency to control women’s lives, their use of religion to carry out such control and the current conflict with the Catholic Church which Republicans are trying to recreate as an Abortion rather than an insurance coverage of Birth Control issue for women.
Please, Please, Please read this before making up your own mind. – Bill

Existential Ennui

Ok, so I’m getting on a lot of high horses today. This is an editorial comment and I’m thoroughly pissed.

For months, if not years, the GOP Ring-Wing blithering toads have served up red meat to a certain slithery segment of the evangelical crowd. Namely, the desire, usually in the name of JE-sus, to control women’s bodies.

Issues that have long been settled by decades of law and implementation are again being assaulted on a regular basis by Republican-dominated legislatures, by insane GOP presidential campaigns, and by all those evangelical whigs who seek to create a Pavlovian response in foggy heads around the country.

It comes under the guise of “big government dictating your lives, to religious freedom, to “right to life” and any other bell-ringer that they think might trigger a favorable response from those who are either unable or unwilling to actually learn the truth.

I have watched as GOP panderers…

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Great Britain forces Monsanto out…

This is from Musicians For Freedom, a blog out of Denver, Colorado.


Earth First News Monsanto Co. said it’s leaving Britain due to opposition to genetically modified foods.

Monsanto is closing its operation in Britain because of opposition to GMO foodsMonsanto is closing its operation in Britain because of opposition to GMO foods

Officials at Monsanto — a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation and leading producer of genetically engineered seed — said the company is closing its wheat growing operation, based in Cambridge, which employed 125 people, and selling off crop-breeding centers in France, Germany and the Czech Republic, the Daily Mail reported.

Monsanto made its decision public shortly before the British government’s final announcement on the prospects for GM food, and after research in Britain found GM farming would have long-term negative impacts.

Three studies conducted for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs found pollen contamination would spread far further than previously believed, “feral” growth of weed killer would persist for years and the heavy use of chemicals associated with these crops could wipe out some species of birds.

The government’s findings involved hundreds of public meetings and 37,000 questionnaires. Ninety-three percent of respondents said not enough was known about the long-term effects of these foods on health, and 86 percent said they would refuse to eat the GM food.

OK… that’s Germany and Britain who are protecting their population. Why in hell aren’t we?

Abramoff hints at more Washington corruption…

The New York Times says Jack Abramoff knows of “still more skeletons that are buried on Capitol Hill, but he’s not saying where.”

“I can’t be the agent of causing someone to go to prison. Prison was horrible.”

-Disgraced superlobbyist Jack Abramoff

It should be noted that Abramoff is promoting his new book “Capitol Punishment.”

When you listen to these Republicans saying how much they are looking forward to stopping President Obama’s Health Care reform on their first day in office, you have to wonder if any of them have spoken to senior citizens like me who have large medical expenses. The facts speak for themselves. Who do Mitt and Newt speak for?

Mashed Potato Bulletin

The Affordable Care Act has produced $2.1 billion in prescription drug savings for nearly 4 million seniors and people with disabilities who were enrolled in Medicare Part D in 2011, a new Obama administration report finds. The savings are the result of a provision in the health care law that provides a 50 percent discount for brand-name drugs and 14 percent discount for generic brands to Medicare beneficiaries in the so-called “doughnut hole.”  Seniors can expect greater savings as the law completely closes the coverage gap over time.
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