Martin Luther King Day – a National Day of Service.

Had he lived, MLK would have been 83 this year. In his memory, we have today as a holiday and hope not to celebrate our day off, but to perform a service to the country… a kind of holiday that doesn’t exist elsewhere.

Elly is in her fifth year or so of producing the Martin Luther King Day program over at Hagerstown Community College… a program that has speakers (this year Ambassador Daouda Diabate from the Ivory Coast) and creates graphic design posters using King’s quotations.

I hope everyone has a good day.

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  1. I’m remembering on this date in 1969 just months after his assasination while giving my then boss Enzo Mion a ride home here in Chicago. The radio news noted Kings birthday and there was a proposal for all citizens to shut off lights and draw blinds to honor the man’s passing. During the broadcast Enzo was muttering and grumbling in a disrespectful tone and shut my radio off stating,” I wont honor that n….. and I’m turning all my lights on and opening my shades to let everyone know how I feel! I responded that I disagree and turned my radio back on.I quit that job and never heard from Mr. Mion again. I guess he reflected the opinons of many in Chicago and the Nation at the time and often wondered on this day if old Enzo was ever enlightened. My guess is no as I still run into these unenlightened rascists occasionally. Our lights are out and the blinds drawn as we reflect…..on many things that occurred while on this “ride”.

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