Daily Archives: January 15, 2012

Cartoon(s) of the Week – Merrily We Run Along…

Tom Toles in The Washington Post:

Mitt keeps up with the news…

– and –

Tony Auth in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Newt shows his well earned knowledge of marriage…

– and –

Mike Luckovich in the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

The Super PACS keep us all up to date on where Democracy stands…

– and –

Signe Wilkinson in the Philadelphia Daily News:

…and the Republican World is changing its point of view…

– and –

Matt Davies of Tribune Media Services:

… except on Citizens United and Gay folks.

Partying in Silver Spring… late night and a long ride, but lots of fun…

We went to Linda Bartash and Cecil Thompson’s post birthday(Linda’s)/engagement/show off the house renovations/bring back old friends party down in Silver Spring, Maryland, about a two hour drive from Shepherdstown. Seeing Linda and Cecil and Linda’s sister Donna was great… there were also a couple of people that I did theatre with at Laurel Mill Playhouse many moons ago in my CSC days. Also a great crowd of folks Elly and I didn’t know, but had a great time talking to.

The ride down in the darkness was initially very weird… not any route we had gone before, but the recognition by the live MapQuest lady on my iPhone giving us directions on the shortest way to get there. The shortest way, however, was a cut through hills and curvy little roads that, frankly, felt like riding on a roller coaster, until we connected, down near Frederick, MD, with the highway… after which everything was easy. Elly drove and I monitored MapQuest for directions.


The party was fun, crowded, filled with house tours, food, wine, viewing the art (like the Dali print Linda had just acquired and was very proud of), watching the old 1939 video of Frances Carroll and The Coquettes, an all girl band that Linda’s mother and aunt had played in in the 1930s, and much more.

The trip back to our home and doggies required MapQuest, which we ignored in some parts of Maryland because we didn’t want the roller coaster roads… the MapQuest lady recalculates every time we go in a different direction (one of the great advantages of MapQuest) until she finally agreed with our route.

Finally, about midnight, we got back to Nestle and Byron and went to bed.