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Childhood Has Ended… No More Twinkies!

Who at my age didn’t grow up with Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes? Damn few. Now the Hostess Brand, started by Continental Bakeries in 1925 is vanishing. In 1930, Twinkies sponge cakes were invented by James Dewar as a way to make an inexpensive product during the Depression. These were followed over the next few decades by Sno Balls and Ding Dongs and Ho Hos.

But there was more in their history than snacking on sweet baked goods. Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies were in the camaraderie of the greatest Saturday Morning TV sponsors in the 1950s (along with Ovaltine and Kool Aid and Three Musketeers candy bars). Because of them we had Roy Rogers and Sky King and Rin Tin Tin.

Twinkies became part of American legal history in 1979 when the “Twinkie Defense” was used as the reason why Dan White murdered of San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk. He said that the consumption of Twinkies and other sugary snacks caused the depression that led to the murder.

Now Interstate Bakeries, the current owner of Hostess Brands is going out of business and Twinkies will disappear forever.

Farewell to the memories of my youth (a tear in my eye.)

Bill Moyers made a great remark to Colbert:

I don’t get to stay up late at night if I’m subbing for John at WSHC the next morning, so I didn’t see Stephen Colbert‘s show until this morning when I returned from the broadcast. I was glad to see he had Bill Moyers on as a guest… Moyers, after two years being away from television, is coming back this month with a new series, Moyers & Co., on Public Broadcasting.

He’s coming back because of his worries about where the moneyed corporations at the top are taking a government which, given their super PACs and lobbyists (and major office holders), have spent 30 years destroying the Middle Class.

Colbert, of course, did all he could to trap Moyers with his pseudo conservative comments (while letting Bill get in the information he wanted to get across), and the discussion came around to whether corporations were people a la the Citizens United decision.

Moyers caught him with a great comment, stating that a friend of his told him:

“He’ll believe that corporations are people when Texas executes one.”

Audience applause of course… and Colbert skipped a beat trying to come back with a remark.

Good for Moyers.