Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

Quote of the Day … perhaps one of the best of the last couple of months!

“Taking two positions on every issue, one on the left and one of the right, doesn’t make you a centrist. It makes you a charlatan.”

David Axelrod on Mitt Romney

So we are now heading to New Hampshire where Newt Gingrich has already started to publish anti-Romney ads and the field has been reduced by one Bachmann (we thought we were going to lose Perry, too, but he’s still in, although doing his campaigning in South Carolina.)

Santorum is heading for NH and his score in Iowa is going to attract some money into his coffers, but New Hampshire is not primarily a born-again Xian state and he doesn’t really fit in.

Romney is going to have to move a little towards center to take New Hampshire, but he seems to have no trouble switching positions. Today John McCain endorsed him. You remember McCain… in the last Presidential election’s primaries, when they competed for the nomination, McCain accused Romney of “consistently flip-flopping on every issue.

How things change.

Waking up to Romney by 8 votes… Really!

Romney and Santorum… a close tie at 25%, but Romney led by 8 votes. Ron Paul was 21%. Gingrich was 13%. The rest were so low it didn’t matter.

My main view of the Iowa Caucus was that it was meaningless. No one came out with enough of a lead to be the official Republican challenger. The three at the top will certainly be easy pickins’ for Obama (you can come back in November and quote me on that.)

Next Tuesday is New Hampshire and that’s a winner-take-all affair. Let’s see what happens then.