Daily Archives: December 13, 2011

Trump pulls out of his debate …

Is it because only Gingrich and Santorum said they would be in it? Is it because he’s planning on running after all? Is it because he has to promote his career as an asshole?

Here’s Trump on the subject (have a good time watching):

Political quote for the day… are Republicans smart enough to realize what they are doing?

Paul Begala doesn’t think so.

“I cannot think of a time when the economy declined but the president was not blamed — but this may be the first. If the Republicans were smart, they would do on taxes what they did on trade: quietly pass Obama‘s proposals, knowing full well that even a million new jobs will not be enough to climb out of the hole Obama inherited.  The economy isn’t giving Obama enough jobs, but the Republicans are giving him the next best thing: a villain to blame for the poor economy. By killing Obama’s jobs agenda, Republicans may just save his presidency.”

– Paul Begala

Zappadan Tuesday Morning… Here’s one for David Turecamo

…as mentioned in his comment. Thd Freak Out version of How Could I Be Such A Fool:

…and here is the Ruben and the Jets version: