Really Early Zappa: Any Way The Wind Blows

From the Freak Out album, where most of us heard Zappa for the first time. A satire on pop music of the 50s.

And one more from the same album (wow, was he ahead of his time! This was before the Beatles did Sergeant Pepper):

Who are the Brain Police

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  1. Didn’t they also do a rendition of How Could I Be Such a Fool on this album as well, which they re-did on Reuben and the Jets. The Jets version was cool — especially the chorus – very tight and “produced” — but there was something about the Freak Out version — that canyon’esque echo, the tempo and orchestration which made it more than satirical but a really powerful song about love lost.
    No matter – It Can’t Happen Here — the entire side 4 cross rock albums with performance art.

  2. yea, but the leader smells bad….

  3. I’m actually a little young to know this stuff. But I do. I was just thinking of Zappa singing the phrase “strictly commercial” as i was finishing up a commercial project this evening. 🙂

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