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Please… your help is needed to keep Under The LobsterScope going…

…. and I’m repeating my request for support (for which you will receive a FREE FONT!)

Since a lot of you are bloggers like me (and graphic designers/desktop publishers as well), I’d like to offer one of my original picture fonts, Bill’s Modern Diner, for the last decade one of the most popular.

I sell this font, for both Mac and PC, for $29.00. I will, however, send you a complete copy with keychart and both Mac and PC versions, for any donation to Under The LobsterScope of $5.00 or more.

Here’s a font sample:

This is a font I use for menus and food articles and I’ve had occasion to use it just about every week since I created it.

So if you sign on to see Cartoon(s) of the Week, or Quotes, or views on Theatre and the Arts or any of the Political stuff presented on UTL, your contributions make all of these possible. I need to raise $300.00 by January 1 to make my goal.

If you feel you can support this blog,Please send a donation of $5.00 or more (more is better ) via PayPal:

Thanks for considering this…

– Bill

The Season the Electric Company Yearns for…

Walking the dogs this evening, I noticed how many of my neighbors had covered their homes and their lawns with blinking lights, light icicles and other electric holiday ornaments… this on the same day we received our electric bill.

So it got me to thinking: somewhere in the caverns of the Electric Company’s office complex there is a group of accountants who can’t wait for this season to come upon them. No more do we hear calls for conservation and saving our resources. This is strictly a season for getting the electric meter to sprint forward to new and much higher levels.

Are there ever newspaper articles that say “Save money. Daylight paper decorations only”? Hardly. We encourage this kind of thing. Towns give prizes for best decorations (and they publish maps so you can drive your carbon sputtering cars around town looking at them all.)

And deep in the chasm of the Electric Company is the dreaded coming
of February when people try to conserve again. Brrrrr.

Still looking for new Background Images…

Most of my regulars know I like to change the blog background every day or two…

If you have a piece of art to try out as a background, send it to me via my mailbox and I’ll give you a credit if I use it.

Send it in a form like this:

– Bill

A Zappadan Morning to You…

My involvement with Zappa and his music goes back a ways…

In 1968 I was in my Graduate year working on my MA in the Northwestern University Theatre Department (which I got in ’69) and I was looking for something to direct for the Spring shows. I had been working with Dr. Gus Rath in the Engineering Department and Jack Burnham in the Art Department on developing a Theatre equivalency to “Art and Systems”, something Jack had been writing books and articles about and running classes in…Gus was a systems engineer and together they were combining creative expression with systems engineering discipline.

That was the year I organized the first of several Systems Theatre companies which I would work with in Evanston, Chicago and New York City.

Needing to find something for the group to perform, I decided to to adapt Frank Zappa’s LUMPY GRAVY  (which I had just been turned on to) for the stage. Now, 43 years later, I realize what a lack of knowledge I had… I tried getting hold of Zappa for permission to proceed and received no reply on several attempts… so I just went ahead and did it (something I must warn you theatre youngsters out there that you should NEVER do).

It was a successful production which was later repeated at Chicago’s Kinetic Playground (a major Rock N Roll hall – equivalent to New York’s Electric Circus) between live sets by Albert King and BB King, two of the world’s greatest bluesmen.

So that was my first Zappa involvement… and it just stuck.

Here’s the opening of Lumpy Gravy… a piece called Duodenum:

This was rereleased by Frank in 1984 with lyrics: