Daily Archives: December 1, 2011

Down from the mountaintop…

Looking up the mountain from down at the bottom.

I just got back from looking at some property near Martinsburg that Elly found in a Real Estate listing. 11 acres, no zoning holdups, build any size house you want (the previous lot we almost closed on had a ruling that you couldn’t build as small as we wanted to… who’d have guessed?).

The price of this huge lot has come down $20,000.00 bsince it was posted over a year ago. We wondered why it hadn’t sold yet.

It’s only 5 miles from Interstate 81… straight up. That’s it. 11 acres that consist of the steep side of a fairly high mountain.

Ears popped going up. Ears popped going down. Gravel road pitted and grooved and in terrible shape. I imagined riding up (or down) in the winter and I trembled.

Oh well… we’ll start looking again.