Watching an old friend get older…


Our 15-year-old labby, Nestle, is starting to show signs of “dog senility“… in reality, he is having major personality changes and acting like a very old and tired dog.

Where he used to, only recently, run downstairs in the morning to eat his breakfast, he now comes down slowly and ambles over to his bowl. He is very slow on his walks and certainly can’t keep up with Byron, our younger dog, where he used to have no problem.

And he now sleeps most of the day… and doesn’t come up to bed in our room at night without a lot of encouragement where he used to lead the way.

He now has signs of hip displasia and the stairs are getting harder for him (a tough thing in a 3 floor townhouse.)

There are days when he throws up what he eats, so we have limited him to no plate licking, which was his joy, and only 2 small biscuits as snacks.

It’s hard to watch these changes and we are worried that we won’t have our best friend dog much longer.

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  1. I was inconsolable after my buddy Guedo* passed. I didn’t want get another dog. My wife, as usual, won. Now we have Chuy, who is of the opinion that I’m his human, rather than the other way around

    * (Spanish slang for light-skinned, or blonde. It actually means “vague”. I didn’t think the Mexican sense of humor was that dry.).

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