Looking for a Project…

The hardest part of being a retired guy stuck in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia is the lack of creative projects to get involved with that take up a substantial amount of time. So now I’m looking…

I have no current theatre projects to direct or design for, nothing I am currently writing (aside from this blog), no artwork I’m painting, drawing or sculpting, no public commissions or organizations I am participating in. Frankly, this is a boring November, and if it were’nt for family and dogs I’d be at the bottom of a depression.

So I am about to go sit at Mellow Moods to see who comes in that I can chat with who might have something going that I could latch on to.

Another day…….

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Retired Theatre Producer, Graphic Designer, Usability Tester and General Troubleshooter with a keen interest in Politics and The Stage. Currently heard on WSHC, 89.7 FM (on line at www.897wshc.org) and occasionally dabbling in Community Theatre.

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  1. Didn’t Elly tell you…how about a dramatic presentation for our next Sustainable Shepherdstown Transition Talks? I had some ideas but have temporarily forgotten them…will email you when they pop up again. We need to move things into a more entertaining realm…a dramatic presentation would be fun and you’re just the one to do it. Maybe a parable along the lines of examining the parallel lives of Mr. Wasteful Consumer and Ms. Thrifty Greenfoot…? Getting kids involved, and serving food, is sure to bring a crowd…

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