Have you noticed the increase in prescription medications advertised on TV?

As one who takes a large number of pills plus insulin shots every day, I have become extremely aware of the number of really serious prescription meds advertised on television. According to law, prescription meds have to reveal potential side effects in the ads (patent medicines don’t… although they may also have serious ones) and we are getting so used to hearing them that I think we have tuned out on what is being sold.

Thoughts of suicide, stroke, increased cholesterol, and even death are some of these announced side effects, but the drug companies drop them into the ads as if they are relatively unimportant.  Since I have lately been thinking about the effects on foods of Monsanto‘s chemicals, these meds (a couple of which I take myself on doctors’ orders) seem to join the chemical dominance of life in the U.S.

While I want to see a healthy nation, I am very worried that we use dangerous chemical compounds more and more often, seemingly as much as a commitment to corporations as they are to curing or maintaining control over diseases. In some cases they are used where non-medication solutions were effective in the past.

It’s time to investigate this further.

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  1. Well, first – the news programs draw an older crowd who are more inclined to buy these drugs – also ever since the dot com crash of 2000 the networks have been HUUUUURRRRTING for revenue – remember when Cisco and Sun Micro had ads every five minutes.
    I agree and am outraged even though I try to calm myself in the knowledge that these bastards have to spend what 75% of the time they’ve bought describing why you may die from this.
    And I also agree that acid reflux (what IS that) diabetes (I have type 2) anti-depressants and on etc are a direct result of our food chain and (don’t laugh but) the a-bomb tests conducted over Nevada in the 1950’s. Secret autopsies performed by the AEC (now Dept of Energy) revealed trace amounts of radiation in every corpse from Maine to California.
    Interesting that the biggest killer disease in the world is guess what – no — Malaria!!! Admittedly it’s not something most Americans encounter but it’s also a drug that — well who you gonna sell it to? Those people only have one TV per village – if that.
    Last point — even though the French National Health care system is running about an 18 billion dollar deficit – I can take my prescriptions to Paris from my doctor in NY and have them filled for about a tenth of the price they cost in the US EVEN WITH INSURANCE!!!! That’s because the French Govt sets the prices. Boehner and the %#$@heads call it socialism — well a lot of American doctors will tell you it’s what we call managed care.
    Sorry to ramble — you just struck a nerve – next time I’ll go into the insurance companies themselves.
    Don’t get me started,

    I don’t mean to promote myself on your blog, Bill, but just in case: this is the story I did on the French for CBS


  2. Great post. I think you’re right.

  3. When I’m someplace where the evening network news programs are coming from a TV it seems nearly all the commercials are for prescription drugs. I suspect this must be one of the root causes of the escalating costs of medical care in the U.S. These pharmaceutical companies spend great amounts of money on research and development of drugs they hope to bring to market, then spend who knows how many millions advertising these products in many media outlets, hoping to spur consumers to demand their doctors prescribe them, as well as employing regiments of sales hacks to travel to many medical offices, clinics and hospitals attempting to get these drugs purchased and prescribed, and ultimately make an “adequate” profit.

  4. Most of these diseases that we are plagued with today were not a common problem one-hundred or even fifty years ago. It is directly tied in to food. We are now consuming an extraordinary amount of chemicals, preservatives, additives, dyes, hormones and ‘mystery meat’. The FDA has been compromised at the expense of the public welfare. I am currently writing an article for my blog discussing this issue specifically. Thank you for voicing your thoughts on this matter, I commend you on a beautiful post.

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