Daily Archives: October 22, 2011

Last night at the Sustainable Shepherdstown Local Food meeting we discussed food safety, among other things.

We played the Ted Conference piece by Robyn O’Brien on poisoning in food. It led me to research more about Monsanto and the chemical poisoning all our food which they are carrying out through government manipulation and media control.

Take a look at this:

And look at this one:

Now what are you going to do about it?

I’d like to hear from you. (By the way, we’re screwed.)

Homecoming Day at Shepherd University…

… and I had a hard time finding a place to park to get into the radio show this morning. Alumni were wandering in clumps all around German Street and many were starting to head for the Stadium for the football game.

Of course, with all of this the Football guys were late getting into the studio and I had to stick around after my show to make sure they got into the studio.

Another Saturday at WSHC.