Daily Archives: October 18, 2011

Last week to get this special offer…

I need your help to keep Under The LobsterScope going… but I never take your contributions without making it worth your while:

1. I present a blog that keeps you up to date on politics and the arts… and lots of things you don’t find anywhere else…


2. For every donation of $5.00 or more I am now offering 2 special fonts – real designer’s treasures which sell for $29.00 each – for your computer design and publishing efforts:
Bill’s Asterisks and Bullets and Bill’s Ampersands (see samples below.)

Neat, hey? From graphic designers to desktop publishers, these two fonts will be in use all the time. So, for a donation of $5.00 or more they are yours. Offer ends on Sunday Oct. 23.

Just go to this PayPal site::

A Break from Politics: Visual quiz of the day…

How many perfect circles are in the image below?:

Isn/t this a better problem than determining who is going to lead the Republicans into Hell in 2012?

BTW, I found this graphic on line and it summed up the Repubs just fine:

I guess Mitch McConnell wrote this one… 😉