Daily Archives: September 24, 2011

Wegman’s… WOW!

Elly and I have been meaning to drive down to Frederick, MD, to see what the nearest Wegman’s to us was like (there’s a persistent rumor that one is coming up here to the Eastern Panhandle, but I’ll believe it when I see it.) Wow… this was gigantic… Elly said, I think quite accurately, that it felt like the IKEA of supermarkets.

We started with lunch in their huge Cafe area where you wander through separate stands for sushi, seafood, Italian, deli, Thai… and more and more and more. Then you take your selections through a checkout and end up sitting at a nice table in the sit-down section. Great lunch… and the food was better than any fast food place: cooked well, served by courteous staff and more variety than you can imagine.

The store was about the size of a football field and I got more walking exercise than I’ve had in a long time. Great organic sections and very competitive prices.

I don’t see how a little area like Shepherdstown (I hesitate to say “Greater Shepherdstown”) can support anything of this size… but it would sure be nice. At current gas prices it costs $7.00 to and from Frederick.