Daily Archives: September 6, 2011


It is, I think, a symptom of ageing that when my quarterly alumni magazine from Northwestern arrives, I immediately turn to the back to see who from my class has died. I know somewhere, other mid-sixty folks are doing the same… perhaps looking to see if I turn up.

I do this before reviewing what my classmates and others have accomplished in the last quarter, before reading the articles (generously spread across subjects like Sports, Foreign Education, Faculty specialties and others) that come deluxely illustrated.

It is a peril of retirement that life is lived more now in the past than in the future (although I may be moving on the near future into a Saturday morning radio show THAT’S ALL MINE on WSHC!) and there is less and less of major consequences to look forward to. Everything is now done for free or as a volunteer and earning a living no longer seems possible.

Anyway…the Northwestern Magazine has now been thoroughly reviewed and no one that I remember has passed on. I’ll have to wait for the Winter issue.

BTW… as I write this, Turner Classic Movies is showing “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”, easily the worst of the horror cheapies in the 1950s. How were films like this ever made?