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This from my Friend Ben Hoffman for Labor Day

Ben’s blog, The Drudge Retort, has been on my listings a long time and I’m so happy to get this for Labor Day.Hope my son in Milwaukee who doesn’t listen to my radio show hears this…

And here are the lyrics

Scott Walker Blues – Ben Hoffman

There’s a crisis in the dairy land,
born from austerity.
100 thousand protesters
marched on the cheese city
to fight state budget cutting
laid upon the workingman’s back.
They lost the first battle.
Scott Walker won his power grab.

Early in the morning,
Mark Miller told Democrats
to bring along a change of clothes,
“We won’t be coming back,
until they stop this motion
to take away the worker’s rights.”
But Walker got his cronies
to undermine the Wisconsinites

The Budget Repair Bill
took away the right to strike.
They demonized the teachers union
said “They got the life.”
And pundits on Fox “news” say,
“State workers are uninspired.
Just how hard would you work
if you knew that you couldn’t get fired?”

Born to a preacher man.
A religious man is he,
Next on the agenda:
Legislate morality.
But church leaders don’t buy it.
They’re giving the worker’s a hand
by defending the unions
and helping out the common man.

There’s a crisis in America
born out of corporate greed,
and apathetic citizens
sit back and watch it bleed.
But one week in Wisconsin,
the anger could not be diffused.
There ain’t no doubt about it,
Wisconsin’s got them Scott Walker blues.

Ed Zanheiser, Poet, on the Radio with me this morning…

I covered for John Case on “Winners and Losers” this morning, and since Monday (even Labor Day Monday) is poetry day on the show, John arranged for local poet Ed Zanheiser to be on with me. Ed read some of his poems and others and we had a great chat about poetry, labor unions, Shepherdstown and other things.

Here’s Ed reading some of his work at the 2008 Montana Wilderness Association Convention. Enjoy.