Transient Global Amnesia

Well, now we have had a diagnosis of the situation last week when I left the WSHC studio and ended up ordering breakfast at Betty’s on German Street. Dr. Hahn, my Neurologist, defined the situation as Transient Global Amnesia (TGA). He suggested I look it up and, meanwhile, they are scheduling tests to find out what triggered the event which left me with a half an hour or so of unremembered activity.

I went ahead and started Googling TGA to find out what it was or what could cause such a memory loss. What I discovered was that there are a number of people, maybe 3% or 4% of the general population that have these incidents. Men between 50 and 70 are more likely to have the case than others (I’m 65) and diabetics (like me) are also more prone to this very short term memory loss.

What I also discovered, and what none of the 3 doctors I’ve been to since it happened, are the effects of statin drugs in causing TGA. It happens that I have been taking a statin drug for about six years and this could be the cause of my blackout. I’m investigating this some more and will be getting back to my GP when I have my question list together.

I’d like to get to the bottom of all this… I now have tests scheduled into October, so no one seems it will be sorted out quickly (and the medical industry won’t be able to soak my health insurance for as much as possible.)

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