Hey… Maybe the Republicans realize they have a couple of goofballs leading the nomination league…

It could be that Republicans are beginning to realize what a pair of bozos (ie: Bachmann and Perry) took the lead out of the Iowa Straw Poll and they are starting to get REALLY worried.

While it looks like Bachmann is at the head of the list for the Iowa Primary, Romney seems to have New Hampshire tied up and Perry is claiming the lead in South  Carolina. So, as the race currently stands, there’s no candidate who can chart a likely path to the nomination that involves winning a majority of the leadoff primary states and sealing an early victory, and that’s causing some Republicans to re-evaluate the field.

Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Board of Governo...

The "treasonous" Ben Bernanke

Karl Rove has come out to say that Perry went too far accusing Fed. Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke a traitor. “I think we are likely to see several other candidates think seriously about getting in. And frankly, they have time to do so,” said Rove.

The last issue  of  The Weekly Standard reported  that Paul Ryan is indeed “strongly considering a run” and is currently on vacation with his family discussing a prospective bid.  So we may have the creator of the worst budget on earth as a candidate in contention with the Religious Righters who are ahead.

And then there’s always the rumored Chris Christie and Jeb Bush Party Salvation Stories.

The Democrats are watching all this with concern… but also with a great deal of amusement. Let’s see what comes next.

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  1. william wallace

    I know its not the norm but one needs to judge the individual
    over many lifes /thus not totally restrict judgement to one life.

    MICHELE / PERRY as others are emerging youngsters upon
    the political stage // thus one must allow them some room for
    growth / they are NOT your usual extreme right wing religious
    fanatics / which of late have caused brought a USA its people
    much grief. The nation plunged into poverty /through corrupt
    republican govt /corruption reaching a peak with two terms of
    republican govt(in holding extreme right wing religious beliefs.

    The result was hundreds of thousands of deaths / appalling
    acts of in justice // untold suffering / bringing a river of tears.

    In coming to govt BARACK / HILLARY as all democrats faced
    with a grave task in getting the nation off its knees /in getting
    the train back on track / making amends for the great wrongs.

    Such reality a republican party at present could not organise
    a tea party /that they could be returned to govt / is laughable
    it will be many decades before the republican party returned
    to govern the nation // if they were to be returned to power of
    govt their focus only then toward an media campaign against
    muslims leading to the invasion of IRAN with it’s dire outcome.

    The nation needs time in recovering from decades of intense
    media brainwashing / there need being far more open debate
    not as the past where people seen /treated as mere sheep to
    be fleeced their children treated as but lamb for the slaughter.

    Under republican govt the course was set for nuclear conflict.
    Destruction / death / suffering /beyond the capability knowing.

    The original aim of govt that those chosen were appointed as
    servants of the people.Through centuries of corrupt govts the
    situation reversed / the people becoming the servant of govts.

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