Daily Archives: August 12, 2011

Just got back from the Identity Crisis fundraiser in Downtown Shepherdstown…

Elly and I were members of the “Paparazi” (about a dozen of us) taking pictures of the party goers (folks in costumes and wigs). We had a fun night. Here are some pictures:

Arrival at Blue Moon


Ready to have a Good Time...


Walk the Red Carpet


Fun continued at the Yellow Brick Bank


Fun at the Bar...


And 150 photos later, I had the best time of all.

From a Massachusetts Businessman…

Devallon Bolles, PhD

My friend Devallon Bolles, who is a real-estate entrepreneur in Massachusetts, dropped this on Facebook after the Republican debate last night:

Enjoying the aftermath of the Iowa debates. As a MA resident for many years, I suffered under Romney’s governorship. Elected by promising jobs, state ranked 47th in job creation under him; He said he knew how to attract businesses. Businesses fled under him. Incredible that he would “run on his record.”


So, when Romney criticizes Obama on job creation, he has his record to stand on…No?