Daily Archives: August 8, 2011

We should have listened to Warren Buffet in 2005…

… and it would not be likely that we’d be in today’s economic mess. Here’s Warren and Bill Gates addressing an audience six years ago… listen closely and then wonder why we don’t tax the rich a little more:

See? Send this video around to all your friends (and Congressional representatives.)

Last 3 Weeks to order Web Poppers at $39.95

… then I am going back to it’s original purchase price of $75.00.

But since I really need help supporting this Blog (and the weekly Podcast that goes with it) I’ll keep the sale price on until August 27th…

So I’m selling the basic set of my Web Poppers, a collection of small images, averaging 72 x 72 pixels, that are based on Bill’s picture font designs and other sources. They can be used to illustrate posts or to comment on any number of issues. You’ve seen me use them frequently on this blog – I hate posts without pictures!

Each set is delivered on CD with 300 of the most popular JPEG images that I use in my own blogs, Under The LobsterScope and Panhandle Vegan. I have been getting great responses to these for the past year and the number of requests that I release them has been substantial.

So here they are.

The complete set originally cost $75.00, but for the next three weeks they are going for $39.95, all taxes and shipping included. Every set that is sold helps support this blog… and believe me, we need it.

Some samples from the 300:

To purchase, click HERE.