The rain starts to come down… we start piling strawbales on top of each other for the 20′ x 20′ music studio Al Thomas is putting up.

We’re up to the second level of bales; this is now being covered with plastic to finished straw bale blocks. There are 7 layers of upwardly mobile straw blocks to go, but we think the rain will stop and we can continue soon.

This is coming together quite quickly and Elly seems to be getting more ideas for the house she wants to build soon in a place removed from regular construction. I’m going to refer to the photos that document this overtime
stacking we’ll be doing on the rest of the building.

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  1. I have been living in my straw bale home for 4 years now. As long as you keep the bales off the ground i.e. on a concrete slab, or some kind of foundation (with a wood sill plate in my case) and moisture does not get in (achieved by large roof overhangs and entombing the bales in lime cement plaster in my case) there is no problem. I live in Ontario , Canada and we get down to minus 25 – 30 degrees C in the winter and +30 degrees C in the summer with horrid humidity. BTW, I don’t need AC either… insulation factor is R 40 to 50!! No mice, or critters in my walls….

  2. Coming from Louisiana, strawbale construction always baffled me. Anything organic that you leave near the ground in Louisiana turns into termite spit and mud quicker than you can say “Orkin man”. There are really places where you can build with strawbales without that happening? Or are you relying on generous applications of toxic termiticides to keep your straw bales from turning into termite spit bales?

    – Badtux the Puzzled Penguin

    • How do penguins survive in Louisiana? Anyway, I am going to ask our strawbale guy, Al Thomas, what he does to prevent termites… or if it is a problem up here at all. Stay tuned.

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