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Last Four Weeks to order Web Poppers at $39.95…

… then I am going back to it’s original purchase price of $75.00.

But since I really need help supporting this Blog (and the weekly Podcast that goes with it) I’ll keep the sale price on until August 27th…

So I’m selling the basic set of my Web Poppers, a collection of small images, averaging 72 x 72 pixels, that are based on Bill’s picture font designs and other sources. They can be used to illustrate posts or to comment on any number of issues. You’ve seen me use them frequently on this blog – I hate posts without pictures!

Each set is delivered on CD with 300 of the most popular JPEG images that I use in my own blogs, Under The LobsterScope and Panhandle Vegan. I have been getting great responses to these for the past year and the number of requests that I release them has been substantial.

So here they are.

The complete set originally cost $75.00, but for the next five weeks they are going for $39.95, all taxes and shipping included. Every set that is sold helps support this blog… and believe me, we need it.

Some samples from the 300:

To purchase, click HERE.

Oddly enough I agree with about 75% of what Ben Stein said this morning…

Check it out and see how much you agree with HERE.

Bueler? Bueler?

Quote of the Day – from someone who was there when we got it right

“What the GOP seeks is a banana republic: a toxic blend of right-wing populism, anti-intellectualism, debt defaults, and an end to the ladder of economic opportunity.”

Paul Begala

This is from Begala’s article in the Daily Beast entitled “How Republicans Screwed the Pooch“… this, of course, is from the point-of-view of a member of the Clinton administration who was there when the same kinds of problems were  solved two administrations ago.

Whenever you hear the Republicans (and especially the tea partiers) say that the Democrats never learn from their mistakes, point them to the balanced budgets with surpluses extending out into the foreseeable future that Clinton handed Bush and his Band of Scary Men, who got us into debt andunfunded war within a year. And remember what they left Obama with.

Begala’s article should be read by everyone.

Cartoon(s) of the Week – Dancing on the (Debt) Ceiling

Going to focus today on some great cartoons summing up the fruitless “debates” that this polarized Congress go through as the GOP tries to end Obama‘s Presidency…

Mr. Fish in Truthdig:

… and when we’re done, we’ll decide how to spend what we have left…

– and –

John Deering in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

Waiting to see who wins as we all go over the falls…

– and –

Dan Wasserman in the Boston Globe:

Notice how well they listen to each other…

– and –

Dick Locher of Tribune Media Services:

… if we would all get with it….

– and –

Joel Pett in the Lexington Herald:

…and it l0oks like they are getting it.

Muybridge Backgrounds End This Week…

If anyone out there has one they really liked, let me know and I’ll put it up. Drop me a note at btchakir@mac.com titled Muybridge Request.

– Bill