The Idiots are “debating” all day…

… but are they coming up with anything? The Senate has  kept the Boehner Bill from getting voted on…. the House has voted down the Reid Bill (which he Senate hasn’t even voted on and which they can’t agree on an up-and-down vote… in which it would pass… or a 60 person vote…which it would fail.)

The Senate is coming to a decision at 1:00 AM… I don’t know if I want to stay up this late and find that nothing takes place.

I wonder if this Congress has any idea how stupid they appear to the rest of us in America? If they did, this would probably not be happening.


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  1. Snoring Dog Studio

    I wonder, too, if Congress realizes what they’ve put the country through. Self-righteous thinking, fueled by an insane desire to get re-elected has left them pursuing paths that do very little to help out the unemployed or barely employed. The word “jobs” hasn’t been mentioned in – what – six months? Well, other than by a great deal of Republicans and TP folks who believe that D’s are the job destroyers. I can only imagine the political blathering that will continue long after a debt deal is made as we head into 2012.

  2. The Senate voted to table the Boehner Bill, with four Republicans supporting the action. Reid said he will bring his bill to a vote when he has the numbers, not before. Makes sense to me.

  3. You are right. These are the biggest collection of ass hats ever. They need to be tarred and feathered

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