Planet Greed is Doomed

A visitor from Planet We Are All One drops in to visit a citizen of Planet Greed. (By  War on Error)

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  1. Excellent, Good concepts, too bad all the good ideas are given bad labels… socialist!

    • Socialist is not a bad word to me… I believe in believe in being social.

      • I know, that word is double-wrapped because it actually is a good word. It must have been the expression on the faces of those cold war guys when they said it that made it so bad 🙂

  2. Thanks for that link. I used to deal with Dean Foods when I worked at the scenery shop at Northwestern in the 60s… it’s where we went whenever we needed milk cartons for props. As I recall, they were great people (the hourly guys, of course… I never spoke with management.) It’s so sad to see what they turned into in the Age of Greed.

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