Daily Archives: July 4, 2011

Quote du Jour – Debt Ceiling Filibuster

“We’ve had not one minute of debate about the debt ceiling in any committee. We haven’t had a budget in two years. We haven’t had an appropriations bill in two years. So I’m part of the freshmen group in the Senate that’s saying, ‘no more.'”

“Next week, we will filibuster until we talk about the debt ceiling, until we talk about proposals.”

– Rand Paul (R – KY)

So next week is going to have a new reason to watch C-Span 2. Can’t wait.

Taking our grandson, Milo, to the Baltimore Airport…

We have to pick up Milo and leave from my daughter’s house by 7:30, so we’re up early taking care of the dogs and getting ready to go.

Flying on a National Holiday (Happy 4th, by the way) seems strange to me, but that is what his mother arranged and he’ll be back in Connecticut before lunch.

Meanwhile, the blog will be down most of the day.

Have a nice one.