What if some day the Supreme Court didn’t support Corporations over Citizens?

What if some day the Senate and the House put our country first and the lobbyists a distant tenth?

What if some day the health insurance companies offered to teach the government how to run a single payer system at no charge to the country?

What if President Obama got on TV and announced that ALL troops in ALL middle east countries are coming home over the next three months and we were declaring “victory” once and for all?

What if all Billionaires begged the government to tax them at the same rates that Ronald Reagan did?

What if ALL workers, teachers, firemen, police officers, public employees and salespeople were encouraged to join Unions by receiving significant tax perqs?

What if everyone in government believed they were working “in service” to America and not to themselves?

What if campaigns for elections were not allowed to take more than three weeks?

What if daydreaming was somehow connected to reality?

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  1. Good daydreams, my friend…except it is logistically impossible to bring everyone home in three months. There are too many people, too much equipment, and too many issues. Even though I am against the war in Iraq, and have serious questions about Afghanistan, to simply leave would invite massive chaos and unrest. The resulting power vacuum would reduce both countries to body strewn rubble.

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