Change To Win

I spend most of my time on this blog, lately, pointing out the growing number of things that are destroying our economy, our community, our health and, ultimately, our existence. I’m not sure who listens or believes what is proven over and over. I know many are putting their faith is religion, in second comings, in waiting to be lifted to heaven as the Devil takes over the Earth

Come back to reality, folks. Most of the solutions are fairly clear and require us to put in a great deal of work. We have all got to be ready for it.

I haven’t run one of these videos in some time… but I feel like upping everyone’s will to win:

Got it? I hope so.

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  1. Any “materialist world” society would run to its last legs when it does not take care of norms and values, or when it puts its priorities wrong. all the big cultures we saw going under, the Greeks, Romans, Gauls, Frenkish, Austrians, French met with disaster because their own greed. When we do not take care of our environment and of our social systems we shall also drown.Perhaps also interesting to read would be the series of Marcus Ampe about the Poverty in Flanders, but would be also for other regions or countries.Perhaps also some articles to take in consideration to read. At the moment already published in English:Japan’s nuclear disaster reason to think twiceA risk taking societySecuring risksRoyals, mini busses and environmentWelfare state and Poverty in Flanders #1 Up to 21st centuryWelfare state and Poverty in Flanders #2 First two decennia of 21st centuryWelfare state and Poverty in Flanders #3 Right to Human dignityWelfare state and Poverty in Flanders #4 The Family pactWelfare state and Poverty in Flanders #5 HousingWelfare state and Poverty in Flanders #6 Transport factor of immobilising financial growth

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