If you can’t afford the Health Care system and there is no Medicare For All…

…then a creative solution may be your only choice. Take James Verone of Gastonia, North Carolina:

The best comment I saw about James Verone’s situation (and that of millions of others) was on Mickey Mills’ blog, The Prodigal Scribe:

“The story behind this story is the one that really grabs me. We can put a man on the moon. We are the richest country on the planet. We arguably have the best colleges and universities putting out the brightest and the best.

“And we can’t figure out how to get health care for the needy. Between the greedy insurance underwriters, lawyers and drug companies, we have created a medical behemoth that is strictly for the haves — the have nots be damned.”

My question is when are we going to finally get the Health Insurance companies out of our pockets and realize that medical care for all is a right and not a commodity for profit?

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  2. Thanks for dropping by The Prodigal Scribe. I truly sympathize with Mr. Verone’s position. If I didn’t have the VA system to fall back on, I would pretty much be screwed. I’m one of those guys that got laid off in their mid-50s. Tough time to be looking for full time work with bennies.

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