Daily Archives: June 13, 2011

Some thoughts while listening to the Republican “debate” in New Hampshire.


I thought I’d watch this tonight for the potential humor in the situation, but I began to realize as I watched it and started yelling at the television, that all seven of these people would be disastrous in ANY elected office.

First point: How did CNN manage to put together so many puffballs to ask these people? On top of that, why are there no followup questions when these folks tell obvious lies (or at the very least show that they are extremely misinformed)? When Romney shot down the success Obama had in saving GM and Chrysler he said that they had to go through bankruptcy anyway… did you know that? I didn’t. You would think it would have been in the news. Yet John King and the other reporters didn’t challenge the view that was brought up.

Second point: What was the point of wasting time with questions like “flat pizza or deepdish?” or “Spicy or mild wings?” Very entertaining, I guess. Not news. Not important to those seeking a President. Worse than the other softball questions.

Third point: Which one of these idiots is going to create a government where all sides work together? These folks… even Romney who changes positions from week to week… are putting themselves in as far a right wing extreme as possible. Whether it is religion, abortion, Social Security, Medicare or any other major thing which we have learned over decades that we have a right to, these “debaters” are totally blind to opposing views,

Fourth point: Are there nothing but white people in New Hampshire? As I view the, I guess, all-Republican audience, I see rows and rows of one group of Americans.

Fifth point: I don’t see anyone here that can stand up to Obama. Maybe it’s just me, but the problems these people create by cutting programs and imposing their religious and social beliefs on others are frightening.

Quote of the Day – White House weighs in on Weiner…

Jay Carney

Asked what the White House thinks of the Weiner situation and whether or not it supports the Democratic leadership that wants the Congressman‘s resignation, Press Secretary Jay Carney said the following:

“We think it’s a distraction from the important business that this president needs to conduct and Congress need to conduct. Beyond that, I don’t have any comment.”

Carney also said that Weiner’s activity was inappropriate. On the news tonight (an NBC leap into the front line), President Obama said Weiner should resign.

In case you missed it last night… The winning song from the winning musical:

Here’s Andrew Rannells as Elder Price singing “I Believe” from The Book of Mormon on last night’s Tony Awards.

It wasn’t the song I thought they’d do … I thought they’d do a big production number like the opening “Hello” or one of the other “clean” songs in the score…  But this was pulled off nicely.


What’s your opinion… are congressional legislators ethical?

According to a poll reported on by The Hill:

58 percent of voters think most members of Congress are “unethical,” while only 25 percent consider the majority to be principled. Seventeen percent are unsure.

Furthermore, those polled didn’t seem to trust one party over another… and 68% believe that ethical standards have declined among politicians in recent decades while only 7% thought they had improved.

The poll was taken three days after Weiner announced his responsibility for sending suggestive photographs of himself to women he didn’t know.

69% of those polled said they somewhat or strongly disapproved of the job Congress is doing,  25% said they somewhat approved and just 3% said they strongly approved. 33% said men in office are less ethical than women.

The figures are based on a national survey of 1,000 likely voters conducted by Pulse Opinion Research.