Sarah Palin, the Doyenne of American History Revision …

Sarah has done it again… this time while visiting Boston’s Old North Church (you know, “One if by land…Two if by sea”). She sort of suggested that Paul Revere rode through Boston warning the British that we were going to be free.

Is there ANY chance we can convince the Republicans to nominate this woman for the Presidency? Please…

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  1. It’s like some kind of stream of (semi)consciousness, make it up as you go along spewing of random words. Remember: when in doubt, just remain silent. But I suppose that’s one of the traits of politicians, celebrities, and idiots — they rarely, if ever experience useful self-doubt.

  2. william walace

    Sarah / has reached the stage of the child seeking attention . In truth it early symptoms that one is
    going through a stage of mental stress. /In regard
    to young Sarah. /Is it serious ? as be long term ?.

    In truth it will take another few weeks to run its course where need seeking NO medical aid or support
    or the alternative/ where one needs medical support
    where such stressful time will simply pass /leaving her unchanged as unchallenged. It should be pointed
    out to general public mental stress should not hold
    only fear// the reasoning of such stress in main is
    that a individual is going through a period of brain development // where the brain but makes adjustments
    that it enable a greater capability in understanding.

    Many people going through stages of mental depression fail to understand such / that one’s depression / but
    caused by a chemical released in the brain /that aids folk’s through the final stage of a individuals brain development where making adjustments/ that allows far more practical individual experiences & understanding.

    In truth depression is greatly misunderstood //it to be welcomed rather than feared //taking of medication
    to ward of depression is in fact causing greater harm than good// also the side effects of many drugs cause
    severe physical problems // adding to one’s suffering.

    Furthermore the majority of drugs that treating mental illness /are in reality worthless /little or no value.

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