Daily Archives: June 1, 2011

Wow… three hours went by as I played with my new iPhone 4…

… so, of course, I didn’t do a damn thing on the blog (even though in the back of my head I could hear the broadcast of the House arguing about cuts to one thing or another and who is doing more to preserve Medicare) as I downloaded freebie apps and tried out the silliest ones I could find… moved my favorite iTunes songs over to the iPod in the phone and called Elly in Minnesota to tell her the phones came.

I’ll bet she can’t wait until Sunday to get back and play with hers.

At least the Podcast next Tuesday will have much better sound quality (and I finally found a music intro…a little snip from Offenbach) for those of you who tune in.

Here’s to my Grandson John…

I’m off early this morning as my oldest grandson, John, is having his elementary school graduation AT 8:00 IN THE MORNING! Who has graduations at 8:00 in the morning?

I’m leaving at 7:15 to make sure I get a place to park.

Elly took off at 4:30 this morning to fly to Minneapolis for a  4-day AIGA confernce and she won’t be back until Sunday, leaving me and her friends with her garden maintenance (I drew the back of the house straw… her community garden buddies are taking care of her plants there.) So this is going to be a week of just me and the dogs.

It’s hot out already… hope you have a nice day.