Did you get this message from Nancy Pelosi last night?

I did. here it is:

Nancy Pelosi

Victories like this are what happen when we fight together to protect our core Democratic values.

Congresswoman-elect Hochul’s victory in a staunchly-Republican district has shocked the political world and sent an unmistakable sign that the American people will not stand for the Republicans’ reckless and extreme agenda to end Medicare.

This is our third straight special election victory in New York — and it is truly one for the ages. All of the Republicans’ right-wing outside groups with their secret money and dishonest attacks were no match for the combined strength of grassroots Democrats.

Thank you again for fighting to protect and defend Medicare and bringing us one step closer to regaining our Democratic House Majority.

Nancy Pelosi
Democratic Leader

Hopefully, this is the start of taking back the House from the crazies.

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  1. This from TPM last night:

    “Couple key points to note in these results.

    First, as noted below, the Democrat matched the 2006 margin in this district. And 2006 was a huge wave election for the Dems. The margin appears to be 6 points, though that my change a little. That means that Davis — the one-time Republican, then Democrat and now Tea Partier — took a margin that just wasn’t enough to swing the race.

    Given Davis’s idiosyncratic politics and the fact he most recently ran as a Dem there’s no plausible way to argue that his vote would have broke strongly enough in Corwin’s direction to give her the win. The bottom line is that the Dem won — no way to explain it away. “

  2. this was the result of a 3rd party tea party siphoning off 10% of the conservative vote. Thank Jack Davis, not democrat ideology.

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