Oklahoma being hit by tornadoes RIGHT NOW!

5 to 6 funnel cloud storms around Oklahoma City are currently 9in progress…like something the local news commentator has “never seen before.”

Given this week’s tornado in Missouri and more in Minnesota, this year seems to be one of the most violent storm seasons in recent history.

Here in our area we have been soaked with long-running rains (although we are now in a two or three day dry period) and our rivers and streams are high and running with strong currents. I took my dogs for a walk today down by the Potomac and they didn’t have to go very far down the boat launch ramp to get their feet in the water.

Our climate is changing and it may now be giving us an indication of what the future may be like.

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  1. I live about an hour and a half south west of OKC. We have gotten hit with hail up to the size of Key limes (golf balls are sooooo pedestrian) and the weather keeps coming. It has been far cooler and far drier this spring than usual.

    Yet this state is one of the biggest cliamte change deniers in the country. That is what happens when oil and natural gas companies buy politicians. On a better note, we do have an ever expanding wind energy policy here…so it is not all bad news. If there are two things Oklahoma produces in bulk, it is wind and stupidity. If only we could harness the power of the latter.

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