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Oklahoma being hit by tornadoes RIGHT NOW!

5 to 6 funnel cloud storms around Oklahoma City are currently 9in progress…like something the local news commentator has “never seen before.”

Given this week’s tornado in Missouri and more in Minnesota, this year seems to be one of the most violent storm seasons in recent history.

Here in our area we have been soaked with long-running rains (although we are now in a two or three day dry period) and our rivers and streams are high and running with strong currents. I took my dogs for a walk today down by the Potomac and they didn’t have to go very far down the boat launch ramp to get their feet in the water.

Our climate is changing and it may now be giving us an indication of what the future may be like.

Sorry, friends…Podcast moved to tomorrow morning at 10 AM

Wouldn’t you know that, given my birthday and all, I’d get caught up in cards and messages…and the great present I got from my wife and dogs (just the thing I wanted, in fact)… a 1-string Canjo! (the picture is just an explanation… my canjo is a Budweiser can with a dark maple neck. I love it!)

We’ll have the Podcast tomorrow morning, May 25th at 10 AM. Maybe I’ll play the Canjo for you (I’m learning Tom Dooley.)

If you want to call in during the show, call 1 (661) 554-9186

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Thoughts on turning 65…

So I have now outlived my father by a dozen years or so… something I never thought I would do. I am retired (actually, I had to retire early a year ago due to the crummy job situation for guys in their 60s) and I’m on Medicare (until the Republicans destroy it along with Social Security.)

I’m doing things now which make no money, but actually fulfill a whole bunch of internal needs. I do the radio show as John Case’s co-host on Friday mornings (and substitute for John on his other days when he is away), I do my Tuesday Podcast, I work on community theatre projects every now and then,,, and, of course, I maintain this blog, which I have done since 2004. I’m involved in the Community Garden (which my wife runs) here in Shepherdstown… and I did some work on the establishment of the Morgan’s Grove Market. So, all-in-all, I seem to have plenty to do (including housework, which, while Elly is the one working, falls mostly into my lap.)

I guess 65 isn’t so bad… and were it not for the lousy economy and the growing threat of conservative destruction of the things that made America great, life would be lovely.

I hope everyone has a nice day… like I do on most of my birthdays I’m going to drive around aimlessly for a while and look at the local scenery. Usually I bring a dog. This year I may bring two.

Don’t forget… Under the LobsterScope Podcast tomorrow (May 24) at 10AM

Hope you’ll be listening.
If you want to call in during the show, call 1 (661) 554-9186