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No Podcast Today… Sorry.

Sorry… I was unable to get to my Podcast this morning… I’ll try to get it up on Thursday Morning.

Every now and again a very full day gets into the way of broadcast and today involves the next step on the community garden.

Talk to you later.

– Bill

Did you see Jon Ronson on the Daily Show last night?

As Jon Stewart interviewed him on his book, The Psychopath Test, I realized this is one I have to get.

Here’s a video of Ronson:

Want to get your ire up this morning?

Take a look at these figures (I picked this up at Talk and Politics):

oilpricesandprofits.jpg (1024×529)

These are the big oil companies we are paying billions to subsidize while the cost of the gasoline they are putting out has made it more expensive to go to work, or to the grocery store (where prices have gone up do to the transport of food products suffering from increased gas and diesel prices), or to the mall for clothes shopping for kids. Don’t even mention driving on summer vacations around the country.

It makes me wonder what kind of protests can we do that would effect the big oil companies and the government that subsidizes them. We could cut out driving for a week and show that we can reduce their income, but this probably hurts us more than them. We can get on the phone with our Representatives (Federal AND State, both of whom set gas taxes) and smother them with complaints and demands that they eliminate subsidies, make federal reserves available, and, finally, regulate prices so that oil companies can’t raise them (these have all been done before and have worked.) E-mail flooding can be used here, too.

We are now at a time when government of the people, by the people and for the people is standing a desperate test. The prominence of and political control by corporations ( who have been backed by the Supreme Court and whose high contribution rates put our representatives in their pockets), that are concerned ONLY with profits, are the major competitors with the seemingly weak middle and lower class voters… that’s US. If we don’t act now, we deserve what we get.

In this year prior to major elections we can express dissatisfaction at town meetings where these representatives show up to appear people-oriented. Or we can picket capitol buildings. Or we can plan with each other the kinds of things that haven’t been tried before.

Whatever happens, at least we would have made ourselves heard.