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Saturday Morning… Market, Voting, Making Pie

Elly is off at the Hagerstown Community College graduation with the rest of the faculty, leaving me and the dogs behind. The weather is threatening… right now there is an ongoing drizzle, but it is threatening thunderstorms. Even so, after feeding and taking the dogs for their morning walk, I left for the second week of the Morgan’s Grove Market.

Because of threatening weather about half of last week’s vendors didn’t show up… attendance was lower as well, although about half the parking area was filled. In general, the weather was not terrible, so it was a shame that more folks didn’t show up.

The Entertainment, billed as Gregorio and Friends (there were only 2 of them, so I guess some friends were absent), arrived and started playing.

Al Thomas was doing a demonstration of old-fashioned, hand turned wood which he was happy to answer questions about…

After helping Ruth Robertas out at her Four Seasons Bookstore booth for a few minutes so she could go and get a donut (I sold seven lottery tickets for the community garden!), I took off to go and vote in the Governor primary (this was an unusual Saturday election day).

Then I came home to further develop my Vegan Key Lime Pie recipe.

Tonite we’re going to see 1776 at the Apollo Civic Theater in Martinsburg.

Busy Saturday.

The Intelligence of Populations… at least the U.S. is smarter than Turkey!

There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.    -Frank Zappa

Darwin would be astonished if he came back today. After all the scientific and academic proof since the publication of On The Origin Of The Species 152 years ago establishing the reality of Evolution, it is interesting how much disbelief there is in the concept.

If you look at people who either do not believe in Evolution, or are not sure that it is real, close to 55% of Americans are still in doubt about it (approximately 43% reject it completely). This is because of what? Inferior education? Religious belief in Creationism? Genetic stupidity?

If you remember prior to the Republican primaries for the 2008 Presidential elections, in a debate among eight contenders, the questioner asked which of them did not believe in Evolution. All but one raised their hands… supposedly men with the intelligence to lead a country.

So when I happened on this statistical chart while tooling around the net, I was surprised to find that we were 18th in Public Acceptance of Evolution out of 19 countries represented. Indeed, the only country we surpass is Turkey:

When we look at situations like that in Louisiana, which we reported on the other day, where the teaching of Creationism joins, or even replaces, the teaching of Evolution,  you would think we were back in the 1925 and observing the Scopes trial,  where a high school biology teacher, John Scopes, was accused of violating Tennessee’s Butler Act which made it unlawful to teach evolution.

I doubt if many of our current students are aware of this trial… it’s probably not brought up in history classes. Possibly they have seen the play or film Inherent The Wind which was based on this trial, but that is probably as close as they can get to it (unless they live in Dayton, TN, the site of the trial. Since 1987, the city of Dayton has staged a reenactment of the trial using the original transcripts, performing it in the same courtroom in which the trial took place. The annual event occurs during Dayton’s Scopes Trial festival with several performances showing over the weekend.)

One would hope we can develop the scientific intelligence to be up there with Iceland, Denmark and Sweden… although it seems unlikely in the near future.